Utilities & Field Service


Stay productive and efficient at the office or in the field

Utilities companies face demanding environments. Hostile weather and unpredictable field conditions can greatly impact your response and resolution times. Panasonic offers solutions that increase agility, communication and productivity. Eliminate paper, improve customer service and manage your assets efficiently with superior technology backed by decades of experience.

Security / Surveillance
Your sensitive information and records require robust protection. Our surveillance products and services help you maintain a view of your infrastructure 24/7, and with the highest-quality imaging and recognition technology. View and record activity anytime; flag suspicious activity with built-in applications and view analytics from any remote device to act immediately; connect your phone to the platform to allow authorized visitors into your facility without having a receptionist present. Customize your Panasonic security system to fully protect your facilities, products and assets, and prevent criminal activity with confidence. LEARN MORE

Utilities companies have unique challenges. On-site inspections and maintenance in difficult locations can hamper progress and the safety of field staff. Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad devices help field staff work remotely and stay connected to colleagues and customers. LEARN MORE

Heating & Air Conditioning
Panasonic configures high-quality, efficient and attractive systems to fit in any environment. Our commercial-grade heating and cooling products cover large areas using space-saving and energy-saving technologies. Make your facilities more efficient, comfortable and productive for everyone. LEARN MORE

Visual Systems
Interact with customers, visitors and staff with state-of-the-art display and presentation technology. From mobile projectors and weather-proof outdoor displays, our visual systems offer attractive options to display messages, charts, schedules or instructions. Advanced display features include whiteboard functionalities, touch sensor, and gesture control that truly engage viewers. LEARN MORE

Business Communications
Whether at the office or in the field, today’s staff rely on highly connected networks to get the job done. Panasonic’s unified communications solutions offer a range of call and conferencing options to help you remain accessible from anywhere. Desk and mobile phones, email and paging systems let you route calls as needed and communicate with customers even in challenging environments. Rugged phones offer the convenience of high portability, performance and robustness, while high definition video conferencing (HDVC) allows conferencing from the office to a member out in the field with a tablet. LEARN MORE

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