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Keep guests and patrons happy while you focus on running your business

Between security, communication and comfort, managing a large venue profitably takes multiple resources and technologies. Panasonic helps large venue administrators streamline and simplify their infrastructure with solutions that satisfy patrons, keep staff productive, and make every event a financial success.

Large LED Video Displays
Delight your patrons with interactive show-stopping messages. Panasonic LED displays help orient and inform your audience at all times, and from various locations within your premises. Their scale, durability, energy efficiency, and ability to produce eye-catching video make them integral to the user experience in stadiums, arenas, entertainment complexes, and other large indoor and outdoor locations. Their features are as versatile as their applications. Use them to get fan reaction or enhance their experience; display show or game highlights; raise company awareness and promote brands, or engage your audience. No matter the venue, LED video displays can transform any event to make it wildly successful. LEARN MORE

Digital Signage
How you communicate with your guests can make or break your event. Whether your guests are visiting multiple booths at a conference or navigating a rock concert, your signage can enhance their experience and service levels, and make a lasting impression. Panasonic’s dynamic digital technology helps keep large audiences informed and engaged, no matter the venue or event. Display menus; entertain patrons to boost their excitement; attract guests to bars and eating areas; advertise upcoming events or merchandise, or promote sponsors. From standard messaging, to guiding guests, patrons and visitors through emergency procedures, digital signage offers an unmistakable and powerful way to communicate. LEARN MORE

Business Communications
In today’s “always on” world, reliable communications are essential. Panasonic communications platforms are designed to help you implement processes and applications that simplify today’s most demanding messaging systems. Our ruggedized phones are ideal for mobile communication, whether you run a stadium, busy concert hall or large conference center. Stress tested to provide the highest performance and mobility anywhere within the venue, they are designed to help you and your staff stay connected at all times. Improve communications between staff, partners, guests and patrons via mobile or fixed technology anywhere on your premises. LEARN MORE

Security and contingency planning are critical to an event’s success. Whatever the occasion, your guests should only be focused on fully immersing themselves in their experience. Panasonic offers a range of IP, analog and hybrid camera systems, all designed to capture images and monitor visitor flow in the desired area. Solid-state video recording means your data is protected and your system is highly responsive and reliable. Meanwhile, real-time face recognition technology helps you identify intruders faster and prevent harmful incidents. No matter the event – car race, community gathering, large concert, or a football game – your patrons can fully enjoy themselves, while your property stays protected. LEARN MORE

Computers & Tablets
Panasonic’s Toughbook and Toughpad devices are ruggedized, so they can sustain heavy daily use that can result in drops, knocks and spills. Designed with handles, they’re ultraportable and ready for use at the office, the staff dining hall, backstage, or sound booth without affecting the hard drive or losing valuable data. High mobility also makes them perfect for line busting or scanning barcodes on the fly. Want to work outside? A daylight readable screen stays viewable under direct sunlight. Need to set up a quick tutorial or speed up your check-in process? Connect your device to a Panasonic interactive professional-grade display, and take advantage of multi-touch gesture, zoom and swipe features. With unmatched speed and power, Toughbooks and Toughpads stand far above standard laptops and tablets. LEARN MORE

Maintaining a comfortable environment for staff and patrons alike has never been easier. Panasonic offers commercial PACi twin, triple and double-twin heating, ventilation and cooling systems, which are ideal for installation in larger areas. These systems provide a variety of possible combinations, with optional advanced features, including quiet indoor atmospheres, improved temperature control and increased flexibility. Backed by Panasonic’s services support, our heating and air cooling systems offer reliable, high quality, energy efficient and attractive configurations to choose from. LEARN MORE

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