Solutions that promote health and safety while keeping costs low

As elder care costs keep rising, nursing homes, assisted living and other long-term care facilities must do more with less. Expenses, including paper-based systems, are gradually being replaced by less costly digital and wireless technology. Panasonic helps administrators mitigate the costs of high-quality senior living with solutions that help residents and visitors enjoy their environment, and staff do their jobs effectively.

Digital Signage
Visitors, residents and staff all need direction from time to time. Digital signage is a powerful way to communicate 24/7. Our displays are designed for durability and high performance, regardless of the weather conditions. Dustproof and water resistant with a forced air cooling system, they can be installed outdoor in temperatures up to 40°C. Use them to share daily activities, post menus, welcome and direct visitors ̶ the possibilities are endless. LEARN MORE

Business Communications
Panasonic’s DECT phone systems are ideal for healthcare facilities. Active nursing home residents seeking a portable option to their personal mobile devices love these rugged multi-zone phones. Staff who want unrestricted phone use within their working environment are able to forward calls to a phone away from their desk.

Panasonic DECT phones are known for their crystal clear voice quality and high performance with a long battery life. Ergonomically designed and lightweight, they make cleaning and repair a cinch. Expanded features include: dust and splash resistance, illuminated keypad, Multilanguage display, programmable keys, vibrate mode, and Bluetooth®. LEARN MORE

Safety is vital to operating a successful health care facility. Panasonic offers end-to-end security and surveillance technology to keep residents and staff protected. Our cameras, video recorders, monitors and encoders can integrate with your existing network, or be customized to create a new network.

We also push past typical applications. Surveillance in common areas can capture the information you need in case a resident falls and is injured. Facial recognition technology sends alerts to the nurse’s station when an unrecognized person wanders into an unauthorized section of the facility. No matter where they are, everyone on the premises can enjoy a calm and protected environment. LEARN MORE

Commercial Microwave Ovens
Built to last, Panasonic commercial microwave ovens reflect the quality, value and innovation expected from a multiuse appliance. They can handle everything from simple reheating to meal preparation, so they are ideal for mass food production in large kitchens and cafeterias. Our consumer models are suitable for resident use and/or common areas such as sitting or entertainment rooms. LEARN MORE

Computers & Tablets
Standard tablets and laptops don't perform well in difficult environments. Panasonic's ultra-mobile devices are designed to adapt to different conditions and minimize keyboard input. Our devices are built and tested to tolerate the accidental bumps, drops and spills that occur from daily use without any impact on their performance. Laptops are fitted with handles for easy transport, so you can move from home to the office and throughout your facility in complete confidence.

Communicate and access patient records, profiles and reports remotely and quickly, or work wirelessly when you're on a call or making rounds. Because they're equipped with dual hot-swappable batteries, Panasonic mobile devices last longer and offer less downtime than standard computers, which can significantly lower the total cost of ownership. LEARN MORE

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