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Video Insight is a scalable enterprise VMS solution that captures, manages and stores video surveillance across a network - on a single or multiple locations - and supports the broadest range of IP and analog camera models. Video Insight is the perfect solution for multi-facility configurations including schools, universities, hospitals, healthcare providers, law enforcement and SMBs.Video Insight's VMS complements Panasonic's popular embedded recording platforms and video management software applications. In addition, Video Insight now offers unlimited licenses for select Panasonic cameras.

Supporting more than 3000 camera models from 100 manufacturers and integrating with the most popular access control systems. Video Insight's VMS is a powerful, yet easy-to-use video management software that delivers a comprehensive VMS experience including intuitive user interface, robust client options for Windows, MAC and mobile devices as well as its own built-in access control.

Key Benefits

Simple and easy to use

A Ieft navigation tree structure provides easy and simple navigation between locations (servers) and cameras. Navigate through custom layouts and facility maps, without requiring major training or support. 

Wide range of supported cameras 

Video Insight v6 supports over 3,000 camera models from more than 100 manufacturers.

Panasonic Video Insight
Panasonic Video Insight

Surveillance anywhere

Video Insight allows you to monitor your system remotely with our free app for Apple and Android devices. Reduce response time by viewing live and recorded video from anywhere.

Make the most of your legacy systems

We provide easy integration with existing systems. 
Including access control and building management. Our robust SDK and API make it easy to maintain a single interface and manage all systems from a centralized console.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than any other VMS 

Affordability, flexibility, and a simple licensing mode I are what set Video Insight apart from the rest - we provide the most cost-effective enterprise class VMS solution on the market. 

Panasonic Video Insight

Enterprise VMS features you love at no extra cost

HeaIth Monitor, Video Wall, automated failover, unlimited clients and users. Active Directory I LDAP integration - all at no extra cost.

Pure 64-bit - More cameras per single server

Our new 64-bit client provides unparalleled scalability and performance. Add one camera or hundreds anywhere on the network or across the entire organization, regardless of geographic location.

How do I start my FREE 60-day trial?

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