Smart Coding


Reduce bandwidth usage while maintaining high video quality

Introducing Panasonic Smart Coding, an in-camera surveillance technology that reduces bandwidth usage up to 70% without sacrificing video quality. It delivers the resolution and frame rates you demand, while substantially lowering storage and networking costs. And it's fully H.264 compliant. This breakthrough innovation comes standard on all new 3, 5 and 6 Series cameras, or as a free upgrade.

All new 1 Series cameras (WV-WV-SFV130, WV-SFV130M, WV-SFV110, WV-SFV110M, WV-SFN130 and WV-SFN110) are also pre-installed with Smart Coding.

How does smart coding work?

Panasonic combines 3 advanced signal processing technologies to develop Smart Coding. Group of Picture Control, 3D-Multi-Process Noise Reduction and Frequency Divided Filter together provide a bit rate reduction of up to 70%, in the video without losing image quality.

Group of Picture Control

GOP Control strips out data related to motionless elements in the scene, lowering bit rates. When moving objects enter the frame, the bitrate increases to capture the action.

3D Multi-Process Noise Reduction

3D-MNR reduces bit rates by reducing video noise and grain. The result: cleaner final images that stream at significantly lower bit rates.

Frequency Divided Filter

To remove fine noise from low-light footage, FDF separates camera output by frequency, removes noise and then recomposes the data, resulting in crisper, cleaner video.

Smart Coding vs. Non-Smart Coding

How to upgrade your product?

This is a free upgrade. Please contact Panasonic Canada to discuss if your product needs upgrading with the latest firmware. All cameras released after April 2016 are already pre-installed with intelligent coding technology.