Smart Storage from Japan

The term SHIMAU refers to the Japanese traditional practice of storing items to specific spaces for safekeeping. Because Japan is such a densely populated country, homes tend to be much smaller than traditional Western homes. In addition, room layouts are more open, and efficient storage is necessary to keep living spaces tidy.

A leader in the Japan housing market for over 50 years, Panasonic has been a provider of detached housing, as well as entire smart city developments that optimize the management of energy consumption and support smart lifestyles. Based on this experience, Panasonic has actively incorporated ideas derived from Japan’s unique lifestyle to its concept of SHIMAU Smart Storage, an efficient system that doesn’t compromise the quality of living space.

  • The SHIMAU concept employs three basic principles:
  • All items should have their own storage space
    This is based on the traditional Japanese methods of storage, which included “nando” or “kura”, separate storage rooms or spaces.
  • Stored items should be easy to view and easy to reach
    Cabinet heights often make it difficult to see items on hand and require the use of a step stool for access; SHIMAU Smart Storage solutions make it easy to know and reach what’s on hand.
  • Living spaces should be clean and tidy
    By making use of space that is not usually used, items are stored out of sight in a stylish and compact design.

Digital Human Software

Panasonic has developed proprietary Digital Human software to quantify the physical load involved in the use of cabinetry and other storage systems. The software allows visual analysis by colour to identify the best position in which stored items can be viewed and removed easily. As part of Panasonic’s commitment to quality engineering, all Shimau products are subjected to a minimum 30,000 lifecycle test in engineering testing, to ensure they will provide years of use in your home. To do this we operate the product at least 30,000 times, ensuring it performs as designed, before we build one to send to you.

Removing heavy items can be a burden, especially when they are stored at the back of a cabinet. Innovative solutions like the Panasonic SHIMAU Soft Down Unit for upper cabinets, makes items accessible and easy to store for anyone, at any height, with a simple manual soft down mechanism.