Home Monitoring


Sell and Install Panasonic Home Monitoring Products

Help your clients protect what matters the most to them, generate additional revenues and differentiate yourself from competitors by creating a connected home for your clients. Offer Panasonic Home Monitoring products and watch your business grow.

Simple and quick installation

Determine your client’s optimal system layout, mount cameras onto any wall, fence or the home itself and sync to the system's hub unit within seconds. Registration to a Wi-Fi router and HUB is simple with one push pairing.

Package choices

Customize for your clients and grow your revenues. Choose from the Home Surveillance Kit or the Monitoring and Control Kit. The kits can be further customized and allows your clients to adapt and expand their system to suit their changing needs.

Advanced technology

Associate your business with a top brand and quality product. Panasonic uses proven DECT technology which maximizes the system’s range to more than twice that of Wi-Fi-only systems. DECT technology ensures the system is always communicating properly, giving your clients peace of mind.

Self-monitoring & no monthly fees

The system allows users to monitor their home remotely and record real-time video using a smartphone and or tablet. Once installation is complete, your client will have a secure home without the worry of ever paying a monthly fee. Save your clients time and money!