Solar Energy Benefits


Make a wise investment

Reducing your energy dependence with a solar installation has a significant impact, not only on your finances, but also, on the community and environment.

From reduced pollution to conservation of the earth’s natural resources and much needed economic stimulation, choosing solar energy is not only cost-effective, it is one of the wisest, most environmentally-friendly decisions you can make – and more homeowners are making the switch.

Relying on the sun to power your home does more than reduce your monthly utility bills. In fact, homeowners who invest in a solar installation may realize increased property values as well as additional income from the solar power they generate and feed into the grid.

Environmental benefits

  • Reduced global warming impact and lowered CO2 emissions
  • Clearer skies resulting from reduced air pollution and smog
  • Reduced creation of toxic waste, acid-rain, and heat produced from waste
  • Cleaner land and oceans and conservation of fisheries, fossil fuels, natural habitats, and wildlife

Social benefits

  • Reduce dependence on foreign resources
  • Economic stimulation thanks to creation of quality jobs in the solar industry
  • Help restore the natural look of communities with fewer smokestacks, industrial turbines, and nuclear towers

Financial benefits

  • Lower electricity costs
  • Added revenue for homeowners who invest in solar
  • Higher returns than your average savings or deposit account
  • Increased the value of one of your largest investment, your home

Your energy partner

We at Panasonic want to lead the electronics industry in bringing about a “green revolution,” and we also want to make a contribution starting in an area which affects the day-to-day lives of people. Having such a goal firmly in mind, we set our vision looking to the 100th anniversary of our founding, and announced it at our Annual Management Policy Meeting on January 18, 2010. By fiscal 2018, the 100th anniversary of our founding, we aim to become the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry. We will make the “environment” central to all of our business activities and bring forth "Green Life Innovation" and "Green Business Innovation."