GPS Antennas


VIC100 Series - Proven durability and reliability

Panasonic has been a trusted provider of GPS antennas for accurate timing and synchronization reference to the wireless telecommunication industry for many years. The VIC100 Series antenna features advanced filtering and immunity to noise interference as well as improved lightning protection. Trust Panasonic to deliver product ingenuity and excellence when you need it the most.

Used in financial, mobile communication, transportation, network timer servers and seismic monitoring networks
VIC100 Series GPS Antenna, VIC100 Series with Lightning Protection, VIC100 Series with Enhanced Filter

Immunity to noise and interference:
Secure performance by attenuating noise and interference near GPS L1 frequency through triple filtering design. The VIC100 Series L1 GPS Antenna is designed in full compliance with the European RoHS Directive.

Durability in severe environments:
The VIC100 Series L1 GPS Antenna is housed in a waterproof enclosure that is designed for excellent performance under severe environment (rain, snow, etc.) with application conscious design. The unique shape of the antenna prevents accumulation of snow and ice, preventing interference from the elements and eliminating problems associated with bird perching.

Immunity to lightning surge:
Due to the placement of the antenna on top of structures the VIC100 Series L1 GPS Antenna is designed with enhanced immunity to lightning surge [IEC61000-4-5 Level 4(4000V)] preventing antenna failure caused by induced lightning.