Small & Medium Business


Customizable solutions that scale as your business grows

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are more connected than ever before. No matter your industry, size or office location, flexible technology is pivotal to your success. Panasonic configures solutions that help SMBs like yours leverage the best technology for their environment. From communication, protection, mobility and more, our products help you meet the challenges of today, and be a step ahead for tomorrow.

Digital Signage
Tell employees and visitors everything they need to know. Panasonic digital indoor and outdoor signage are powered by Full HD and a wide range of features and advanced functions. These large-screen displays are ideal for directing visitors, informing and entertaining employees, and promoting business events. Configure your signage to enhance your messages, improve engagement and strengthen your brand image. LEARN MORE

Business Communication
Effective communication is vital to optimizing your business. In an increasingly connected world, SMBs need to communicate internally and externally anytime and anywhere. Panasonic’s phone and conferencing solutions offer a range of unified communications solutions that scale with your business. From DECT, IP and digital phones to messaging (email, instant messaging, voice, video), rich presence (online and telephony), device awareness and status to information sharing, we help workforces of all sizes become more nimble and responsive ̶ whether working from their home, office, or a remote location. We provide all the necessary unified communications tools that can improve customer service, increase productivity, streamline processes, and cut operational costs. LEARN MORE

Security / Surveillance
Protect your staff and assets with state-of-the-art technology. Panasonic has a long track record of protecting small and medium size businesses across multiple industries. From activity monitoring and recording, to access management, facial recognition, video motion and analytics, we help SMBs stay steps ahead of threats, mitigate risks, and prevent theft and criminal activity. Our unique intelligent surveillance technologies offer total security for virtually any environment. LEARN MORE

Computers & Tablets
Thin, light and powerful. Panasonic offers versatile and reliable ultra-mobile devices that meet the demands of today’s “always on” employee. They’re designed with less weight and more performance than ever before. Toughbooks are built to keep going even under the harshest of conditions. Semi-rugged and thinner than most laptops in their class, they’re the laptop you can take anywhere without missing a beat. Whether you’re on the move, on the busiest shift or route, or in between appointments, Toughbooks set a new standard for semi-rugged laptops. LEARN MORE

Panasonic's innovative presentation products enable employees to work smarter, faster, and better. Our projects are known for their lightweight and compact design, high compatibility with other peripherals, and ease of use. Use them to collaborate on video conference calls, client or staff meetings. Easy maintenance and lamp replacement make their total cost of ownership low. LEARN MORE

Interactive Displays & Electronic Whiteboards
Boring meetings are a thing of a past. Interactive whiteboards can energize your meetings and increase participant engagement. Interactive Displays and Electronic Whiteboards allow you to capture, save and share information in your own handwriting, and use it in presentations. Save written and projected notes from the board directly into your PC and control your Windows applications from your host PC. Use the electronic pen to record and capture information, save the pen strokes and share it all with participants, no matter where they’re located. LEARN MORE

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