Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)


Improve customer satisfaction and sales with powerful point of sale technology

Your business has unique needs and challenges. Your point of sale system, no matter how big or small, must answer those needs. Panasonic delivers fully integrated, end-to-end POS solutions for busy food service providers. We do it with resilient hardware and flexible software that simplify the entire QSR experience, from initial order to final payment.

Wireless Communication
The Attune II Wireless DECT drive-thru communication system was designed for demanding QSR environments. It integrates digital signage, order processing and POS systems for the ultimate drive-thru experience. Our all-in-one headsets boast the most advanced noise cancelling technology deployed in the industry. They are also stress tested to endure the reality of QSRs, which lowers operational costs. Say goodbye to miscommunication and lost orders and hello to sophisticated technology, and improved order taking. LEARN MORE

Point of Sale
Panasonic’s JS-960 Stingray is a fully powered enterprise-grade POS device. This all-in-one, modular design boasts a removable display for easy maintenance. A 15” touchscreen with wide viewing angle delivers clear picture quality, while a low failure rate lowers the cost of ownership. JS-960 Stingray is a compact, low profile space-saving unit that is wall mountable or installed upright. LEARN MORE

Digital Signage
Communicating with your customers significantly impacts your bottom line. Panasonic's digital signage solutions can unify your restaurant's signage on a single platform. The result is a seamless and delightful experience that boosts customer satisfaction and profits.

Our indoor displays are fully customizable so you can promote what customers hunger for. Full HD LCD indoor displays are ideal for menus, entertainment and interactive messages. Backed by industry-leading technology, they’re highly durable, energy-saving and reliable. And because they are tied to POS systems, you can communicate with customers in real-time to display strategic content that can lift sales instantly. LEARN MORE

Outdoor Displays
Our outdoor drive-thru displays are vandal and weather resistant, so they're built to keep performing under harsh conditions. Modify promotions in real-time and reduce order errors with crystal clear audio technology and/or video messages; tantalize customers with attention-grabbing graphics and animations; build your brand image and amplify your messages with custom-painted enclosures. LEARN MORE

Business Communications
Your phone system is the lifeline of your business. Panasonic offers a full suite of phone systems, digital and analog phones, speakerphones and in-building DECT wireless handsets that enable you to connect seamlessly. Powerful, business-friendly features include: crystal clear audio, wireless capability, IP camera integration, conferencing solutions, open source platform certification, making Panasonic the communications systems of choice for a lower total cost of ownership. Keep your operations running smoothly with smart and flexible communication systems.

Security / Surveillance
Keep your business operations safe and prevent theft and vandalism. Panasonic’s POS software allows managers to search and retrieve key loss prevention metrics and access video recordings from transactions of interest. View any POS transaction complete with video, including time, date and specific cash terminal. Suspicious activities by customers can be identified and behavior can be analyzed to determine any safety risks, theft or property damage. LEARN MORE

Commercial Microwave Ovens
Busy QSRs rely on efficient food preparation technology. Panasonic commercial microwaves have advanced features, including high voltage technology, which allows food to be cooked evenly and quickly, while maintaining nutrient content. From light to heavy uses, reheating to meal preparation, we offer a range of models to suit your every need. LEARN MORE

Computers & Tablets
Toughpad mobile devices are ahead of the curve. Drop tested and designed to meet military standards (MIL-810G), they perform reliably in any QSR environment. A long battery life offers maximize up time, while embedded connectivity and POS technology let users connect right out of the box to accelerate sales through line busting. Improve customer service and efficiency with mobile devices you can count on. LEARN MORE

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