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Solutions that promote safety and transparency

Technology is critical to the public’s safety. Panasonic’s solutions help public and national service providers like you deliver better service with integrated technology that includes: rugged laptops that sustain heavy usage, facial recognition software that helps police officers increase public safety and archiving systems that synchronize and integrate databases across an entire organization. When it comes to serving the public, we help you do it with maximum efficiency, engagement and best-in-class communication tools.

Mobile Evidence Capture - In-Car Recording
The Arbitrator 360°™ HD is an industry-leading in-car digital video capture recording system that helps first responders improve incident documentation and accelerate convictions. Equipped with a Full HD 1080p capture and 360-degree recording and viewing, it is designed to capture clear evidence that can reduce violence, streamline investigations and lower monitoring costs. The Arbitrator 360° HD is built to survive the demands of law enforcement use; it is MIL-STD- 810G tested for resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and other harsh conditions. It is also tamper-resistant, so it captures both citizens’ and officers’ actions to offer unbiased evidence. LEARN MORE

Mobile Evidence Capture - Body Worn Camera
The Arbitrator® BWC lets police offers capture video evidence where other cameras cannot. A 720p HD resolution and integrated Wi-Fi allow you to record incidents virtually anywhere. Its USB and docking options simplify evidence storage and archiving. The Arbitrator® BWC is MIL-STD-810G-tested and resistant to challenging conditions, including shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust and moisture. Lightweight with a long battery life (up to 8 hours of recording and 12 hours on stand-by), it is the ideal solution for video evidence capture under any condition. LEARN MORE

Computers & Tablets
As a public sector professional, you face challenging environments. But fast-paced settings, changing climates and dangerous situations shouldn’t stop you from being productive, efficient and profitable.

Panasonic’s Toughbook and Toughpad devices are built to withstand the pressures of changing surroundings. These rugged devices are equipped with Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors, daylight readable screens, GPS and ANSI certifications to offer unmatched reliability. No more downtime or multiple devices that slow you down. Manage services and providers effectively with world-class connectivity; access and manipulate data and applications in the field; provide information to customers in the harshest of environments. No matter the situation, Toughbooks and Toughpads are built to perform, deliver and last. LEARN MORE

Security / Surveillance
Customer, staff and asset safety are critical to the public sector. Governments, military and law enforcement personnel need surveillance technology that not only alerts them of incidents, but improves response times during emergencies. Panasonic’s security solutions are compatible with IP, analogue and hybrid video surveillance platforms to meet virtually every performance and budgetary requirement.

That’s not all. Built-in analytics notify you whenever unexpected images are detected. This means you get added support to help you prevent disturbances. Advanced features such as face detection, age and gender recognition, movement detection, removed objects and illegal parking can help you interpret video footage and inform you when the unexpected occurs. Our surveillance imaging technology is a complete solution that helps you prevent damage and reduce the threat of harassment and violence. LEARN MORE

Data Archiving
The ever-increasing need to store and retrieve sensitive data means you can no longer scale “on the fly”. The LB-DH8 Series Data Archiver is a high capacity (1.2 TB) optical disc library system that meets the demands of long-term data storage in busy public sector data centres. It leverages advanced robotics technologies to support increases in data, all while remaining highly available. Store all raw footage (body worn camera, interview room, video surveillance) in one place. Archive your data for up to 50 years ̶ without migrating ̶ on a system that scales according to data amount growth up to 638.4 TB (7 modules).

The LB-DH8 operates on low power (80% less than typical HDD) and is temperature and humidity resistant to ensure high performance and high availability in any environment. Because it is backward compatible and inter-generational, you can access data on older assets anytime and continue reading as media formats change. LEARN MORE

Facial Recognition
Law enforcement, government agencies and the military rely on accurate identification to ensure public safety. Panasonic’s i-PRO SmartHD system uses unique facial detection technology to detect human faces for positive identification. View up to 8 human faces and store them for later retrieval; connect up to 20 cameras on a server for enhanced coverage; activate the face matching function to display an alarm history in real-time; count people by age and gender, display the stats and save them as a CSV for future analytical use. LEARN MORE

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