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Running a school brings unique responsibilities. Between campus security and site-wide networks, mobile communications and heating and cooling, there’s no shortage of priorities vying for your attention. Panasonic offers students and teachers safe and connected environments that adapt to our fast-paced world. From K-12 to higher education, we prepare students and educators with the best learning and teaching tools.

Security / Surveillance
Protection and a sense of security are vital to students, educators and support staff. Our surveillance and security solutions can help you prevent theft, vandalism and violence, from the playground to the lecture hall. Built-in intelligence tools and enhanced functionalities keep teachers focused on teaching and students focused on learning. Our security technology experts help you identify and customize your ideal scalable surveillance system. LEARN MORE

Computers & Tablets
Typical computers falter under stressful conditions. Panasonic's Toughbook and Toughpad devices are rugged and built to last. The constant movement from storage and removal, and the rigours of daily classroom use are no match for our mobile devices. They survive dust, moisture, vibrations and hard climates. So you can trust them to operate reliably while withstanding high usage rates from higher education students, or unintentional bumps and bangs from K-12 students. Trust Panasonic mobile computing solutions to support your institution and decrease your repair costs. LEARN MORE

Visual Systems
Discover interaction and collaboration at its finest. From High-resolution WUXGA and full HD displays, to digital signage and projectors, we deliver graphics and video solutions that engage students and are easy to use and maintain. Improve information sharing with students, faculty and visitors; deliver top notch presentations with infrared projectors; collaborate wirelessly in-class and then capture and share the work across multiple campuses. LEARN MORE

Business Communications
Today’s “always on” learning institutions must answer the needs of students, faculty, support staff, and parents. Panasonic uses unified communications to streamline and optimize IT infrastructures. Our technology lets users communicate from anywhere at any time, whether they’re on-site, on the road, or working from home. From simple messaging and broadcasting to security messaging and conferencing, Panasonic can keep your institution running 24/7 with our cost-effective communication tools.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Everyone needs a comfortable space for learning and teaching. But heating and cooling multiple buildings is costly. Our systems are decentralized to deliver the highest comfort and at a lower cost. This means students in higher education residencies can control the temperature from their room, and deactivate the system when they’re absent. Meanwhile, our motion-based technology disengages the system when a computer room, library or classroom is empty. LEARN MORE

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