Residential & Commercial Construction


Bring the quality of Panasonic into every home you build

Panasonic offers a variety of building and construction products designed to make your job easier. Find innovative, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions that you can bundle into both new builds and renovation projects.

Kitchen Storage & Organization
Every home buyer appreciates a kitchen that’s organized and efficient, regardless of available space or size. Innovative solutions to maximize conveniences and add luxurious touches are the keys to a perfect kitchen. LEARN MORE

Closet Storage & Organization
Finding space for everything in a home can be a tough task, regardless of size. Panasonic offers complete solutions to organize every item of clothing, shoes, accessories and anything else that needs storage space. LEARN MORE

Ecological. Energy efficient. Quiet. Panasonic’s Whisper™ ventilation systems are hard to beat. Our fans are not only customizable, but easy to install and maintain. And no matter which style you choose, they deliver high performance and a range of enhanced features, including motion sensors, night lights, and condensation sensors. LEARN MORE

Heating & Air Conditioning
Panasonic offers innovative and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions that offer superior performance with low energy consumption levels that clients will appreciate for years to come. Plus, installations are made easier because no duct work is required. LEARN MORE

Every kitchen deserves a sleek and stylish design. Panasonic Major Appliances offer striking stainless steel appliances that look great in any home. From our induction cooktop, to our built-in convection oven, Panasonic has the technology, design and features every homeowner wants. LEARN MORE

Security & Surveillance Systems
A complete solution, Home Monitoring Kits offer the ultimate in home monitoring with a state-of-the-art wireless solution that adds peace of mind without a monthly bill for your clients. LEARN MORE

Residential Solar & Energy Storage
On the leading edge of solar technologies, Panasonic is innovating a suite of solar products to benefit the environments and our clients in equal measure. LEARN MORE

Framing, Insulation & Plumbing
Panasonic offers cost and energy efficient solutions for every stage of a build or renovation, including innovative framing and insulation products that keep costs down while providing high-quality products. LEARN MORE

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